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for Nearshoring

We are a specialized company in providing efficient and sustainable solutions in the legal area, economic intelligence, civil engineering and marketing to foreign and domestic companies.

Our goal is to promote the expansion and positioning of your business, through strategies that enhance growth and consolidate your operation.

At LFT Group we focus on providing our clients with specialized representation and/or advice, backed by more than 20 years of experience, while acting as regional business integrators.

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Most contracted services

As part of the integration, we offer our clients the following services


  • Data intelligence

  • Geostrategic analysis

  • Market research


  • Omni-channel advertising campaigns

  • Marketing in wholesale and retail chains

  • Product demonstration

  • Channel auditing

Legal advisory

  • Corporate and business law

  • Trials and proceedings

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Intellectual Property Law


Civil Engineering

  • Structural reviews

  • Smart scans (point cloud)

  • Development of comprehensive executive projects

  • Project management and supervision

  • Construction

  • Maintenance

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