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Mexico, the most attractive country for foreign companies

Mexico ranks ninth out of 10 economies with the highest labor availability, profitability, regulatory impact and productivity, according to the Total Workforce Index (TWI) 2022 report.

Mexico's competitive advantages
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Trade agreements with various countries

Low import and export tariff costs

strategic geographic location facilitating logistics and goods transportation

Highly skilled labor force and a growing technological infrastructure

Lower labor and production costs


The following dashboards show information on the competitive advantages of the Mexican states for nearshoring

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Nearshoring Score

This score created by Banorte is an indicator for measuring the suitability of Mexican states regarding nearshoring based on the following factors: geographic location, costs, talent, infrastructure and regulation, with 10 being the state with the greatest potential for nearshoring.

State Competitiveness Index (ICE)

The ICE is a tool that measures the capacity of Mexican states to generate, attract and retain talent and investment. It is calculated from a series of indicators that are grouped into 10 sub-indices, including market efficiency, innovation and more.

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Industry Density

This dashboard shows the density of industries per Mexican state per 100 thousand inhabitants according to data from the National Statistical Directory of Economic Units (DENUE).

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